TECHNI-ICE has been manufactured to give many years of trouble-free use and the following hints will ensure that you obtain optimum performance:

  • Always use a minimum ratio of one sheet of TECHNI-ICE per 8 quarts of cooler capacity, (i.e. a 54-quart cooler needs a minimum of 7 sheets). Remember, TECHNI-ICE is lighter and takes up much less room than ice.
  • The more mass of TECHNI-ICE the better and the longer it lasts. TECHNI-ICE takes up very little room and will give outstanding performance if these ratios are followed.
  • Place at least a few sheets of TECHNI-ICE on the top of your food, as cold falls.
  • The colder the food and drinks are when they are put into your ice box, the longer TECHNI-ICE will keep them that way.
  • If you are going away for an extended period, turn your freezer to maximum freeze (approximately 1 degrees Farenheit) for 3 or 4 days before departing. Unlike ice, TECHNI-ICE is an industrial refrigerant and will maintain temperatures beyond -13 degrees Farenheit. The lower the temperature TECHNI-ICE is frozen at, the longer it stays frozen.
  • Storage: When not using your TECHNI-ICE it can be stored in an open-ended plastic bag (not sealed) in the cupboard or freezer. TECHNI-ICE sheets are virtually maintenance free, but can be left in water for a few hours every six months or so to maintain maximum hydration.
  • Got a 12 volt R.V. or gas car fridge? One or two sheets of TECHNI-ICE kept in the fridge dramatically reduces battery drain by acting as the ultimate electric plate, maintaining lower temperatures, thereby limiting thermostat activity.
  • TECHNI-ICE is also an excellent ice pack or hot back for injuries and is used by many hospitals and physiotherapists.
  • SUPER HINT: If you take two ice boxes, you can take full advantage of TECHNI-ICE's commercial performance by freezing some sheets down to the lowest possible temperature, putting them in your spare ice box and then use a second lot of TECHNI-ICE sheets in another ice box for immediate use. When the first lot eventually thaws out, the second lot in the sealed ice box will still be in good condition and ready to continue your trip. (Remember, the more sheets of TECHNI-ICE you use and the more mass there is, the longer they stay frozen.


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