The Heavy Duty Re-Usable Four Layer/Ply
Techni-Ice Ice Replacement Sheet
Primarily for Consumer Use,
But Also Has Commercial Applications

Techi-Ice is a four layer/ply product, which has fully washable heavy duty plastic surfaces on both sides, and the two internal fabric/textile layers which contain larger refrigerant polymer levels and resist punctures etc. This product is designed to be re-used over and over, and has been made possible due to a new performation technology, which allows water to enter through the plastic surfaces to activate the polymer, but still enable the sheet to remain fully washable. This new technology sheet has patents pending around the world and is a major development in dehydrated refrigerant sheet technology. A Techni-Ice sheet consists of 24 cells per sheet and each sheet measures approximately 11" X 15 1/2". Techni-Ice can be cut to size between the cells to fit any size ice box. Techni-Ice remains frozen for longer periods due to the higher polymer levels and insulative effect of the four layer/ply construction.


  • 1 Sheet $6.99
  • 3-Sheet Pack $17.95
  • 5-Sheet Pack $24.95
  • 25-Sheet Pack $112.50
  • 100-Sheet Pack $399.95




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